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  • Property Investment
  • Property Scouting
  • Property Upgrade
  • Design Management
  • Residential Design


Integrating decades of premium interior design experience, INDOOR Architecture acquired ever-greater know-how over time on profitable upgrading and refurbishment of real estates.

The knowledge of effective design management and interior design, the continuous observation of many prime property markets and the knowledge of characteristics of successful property upgrades - all this sharpens the view to develop new profit potentials for real estate investors. This comes together with the experience of implementing these property upgrades at reasonable costs.

INDOOR Architecture's property investment department is a leading independent source,whose specialists are focused on delivering exciting income and capital growth opportunities to private individuals, corporate and institutional investors. Our specialist property advisers work throughout the United Kingdom and internationally. Our expertise covers the real estate asset classes of residential, gastronomical and commercial property.

INDOOR offer a range of expert property services specifically for property investors, owners and developers. Our areas of expertise are focused on the investment in and ownership of real property assets and include property investment advisory services, investment property for sale and acquisition services, asset upgrade management. ... >>more


As a seller of property you have troubles to achieve the price you desire at your intended time schedule. As a buyer you have found an undervalued property that has not met all of your expectations.

You want to know whether you can upgrade a certain object to all of your special needs, without exceeding your budget. We will evaluate the property on a general, neutral examination. This preliminary investigation is a problem solution in miniature. Special care is taken to develop an optimum of beneficial results with very limited costs and without having to move into time-consuming details.

INDOOR Architecture clients benefit in several ways to increase the value and the profit of their property or to prevent imminent losses. The upgraded property receives an additional value that exceeds the costs paid by far... >>more


You are interested in undervalued properties ? In a sleeping beauty, that can be brought to the top, with limited costs and efforts ?

You need a new residence for your familiy or your business ? In this case, the real estate scouts of INDOOR Architecture are the right partners.

We are experts in proven instruments of prime real estate rating and we use them to your benefit. The experience with effective design management and interior design, the continuous observation of many prime property markets, the knowledge of characteristics of successful property upgrades - all this sharpens the view to develop innovative ideas and new profit potentials for real estates. This comes together with experience of implementing these ideas at reasonable costs... >>more



  • Art Deco Interior Design

    Art Deco Interior Design achieves a wild, elegant lifestyle full of self-conscious force, carried by the sparkling creativity of jazz and enthusiasm for speed and streamlining. Since the "Roaring Twenties" Art Deco absorbed the graphic evidence of Picasso and Cubism in a creative and intellectual way. The aim is a living space refined by art. Art Deco Interior Design creates an atmosphere of unabashed luxury and lifestyle. Art Deco Interiors by Indoor Architecture offer an impressive stage for self-confident people, to give positive daily inspiration especially to creatives and intellectual artists... >>more

  • Compact City Room Interior Design

    Intelligent Interior design to support actively all aspects of life with ingenious solutions. Surprising additional functions and modern technology enable unprecedented amenities. Ideal for increasing the utility of cramped city apartments or hotel spaces... >>more

  • Contemporary Interior Design

    With Contemporary Interior Design by Indoor you get rid of retracted thinking and create space for an artistical stimulating, fresh climate. This environment supports communication and encourages creative and intellectual working people... >>more

  • Epoch Fusion / Ecclectic Interior Design

    The Epoch Fusion Department of Indoor clears up with expertise a little of the mystique that surrounds antique furnitures. Taste is a very personal matter, and if it is not to degenerate into mere eccentricity, it ought to be based on knowledge and supported by expert advice - when the occasion demands. Indoor´s Epoch Fusion Department is trying to win over the uncompromisingly contemporary minded. We like well-designed furniture of any period, including our own, and we come down heavily on the side of those who cheerfully blend the very best of the old with the new... >>more

  • Glamorous Interior Design

    Glamorous Interior Design is diverse and combines a wide range of different styles. With "Glamour" one associates impressive richness, luxury and success. But it is also exotic, shy, quiet, timeless and even ecclectic. Luxury dares to realize dreams. This is also the symbolic dimension of Glamorous Interiors. This style will make people happy, who successfully have ventured to realize their dreams and want to give the world a message of their success... >>more

  • Postmodern Interior Design

    Postmodern Interiors focus their priorities on emotional joy and break free from the restrictive rules of the classic functionalist modernism. Our Postmodern Interiors create an atmosphere full of energy, inspiration and esprit. It generates comfortable spaces for the body, mind and soul... >>more

  • Wiener Werkstaette Interior Design

    Wiener Werkstaette Interiors communicate lightness, conviviality, cheerful self-irony, enjoyment of life, joy in celebrations on sophisticated level. This lifestyle determines the Wiener Werkstaette since its inception. Elegance, objectivity, adequacy are the key criteria. Furnishings in the style of the Wiener Werkstaette show supreme skills in art and crafts of wooden furniture and decorative arts. Their artistic value is in the seriousness and solidity of the intellectual and manual work invested. "Wiener Werkstaette" interiors improve your live by cheerful sophistication and arts... >>more


  • British Interior Design

    Rooms of collectors define British Interior Design, who integrate constantly all their favorite objects into their living space. The rooms are dominated by the interests of their residents. The one thing this style could never be described as is "minimalist". The overall look is comfortable and a little eccentric. Each item is carefully chosen and well-loved - the room is warm and welcoming without being too messy or casual... >>more

  • Cosmopolitan Interior Design

    We create rooms, transferring you immediately to your preferred part of the world and revive the joy of life and the memories of new discoveries in encouraging and exhilarating way again.
    Just as we leave our worries behind us making a journey - when we add new cities and landscapes, colors and crafts, people and provinces to our mind - we also want that similar feeling of relaxation in the short term safe haven of our home. This is the heart of Cosmopolitan interior design by Indoor Architecture... >>more

  • Japanese Interior Design

    Traditional Japanese Interiors create peace to find contemplation and self-awareness. Zen Buddhism has strongly influenced Japanese interior design. The central ideas of Buddhism are "emptiness" and "selflessness". In this sense things have no self, everything flows - they are only compositions of various elements, which dissolve after some time, to form other compositions. Creative consequences of this view are the empty center and the suggested movement by asymmetry of the design elements. This applies to rooms, gardens and works of art.

    Additional the aesthetic sophistication of the material is not judged on the material value, but according to their naturalness - their genuine evidence of the material... >>more

  • Moroccan Interior Design

    Already the early philosophers were convinced that beauty has the power to improve us morally and spiritually. And they knew that, rather than corrupting us, rather than being an idle indulgence for the decadent, exquisite surroundings can edge us towards perfection. Since then, we know that a beautiful room could reinforce our resolve to be good. There is a correlation between the visual and the ethical. The moral equivalent of beauty and goodness lends the Moroccan interior design always seriousness and importance. Warm and positive shaping spaces are beeing created, by complex beauty and colors... >>more

  • Spanish Interior Design

    Classic Interior Design in Spain is marked by a unique combination of Moorish characteristics on the one hand and old European features on the other. It was a matter of spirited attitude not to narrow their rooms with articles they did not definitely need. The key element of the classic Spanish interior design is the conscious limit on the number of used furniture and the consequent advantage of the wide open spaces. Solitary standing furniture find themselves in a decorative balance, in which nothing distracts. The long refusal of the Spanish interior design to follow every new, temporary fashion trend has led to today's admired tasteful and relaxed elegance... >>more

  • Tuscan Interior Design

    The charm of Tuscany can be brought into your house by Indoor Architecture by the use of special colors, materials and surfaces, creating a particularly cozy and warm living atmosphere with a high degree of sophistication. Your celebration of natural life at the highest level... >>more


  • Tele-Interior Design & e-Design

    Your new home is beautiful. When guests come over, rarely do they use the closest bathroom.
    Instead, they huff and puff all the way upstairs just so they can spend some quality time admiring that serene, beautifully furnished, perfectly colored home that you - yes, YOU - helped design... >>more

  • Real Estate Staging

    INDOOR Real Estate Staging means we will prepare your property in a cost effective, creative way to appeal to a wide variety of buyers, resulting in a quicker, more profitable sale... >>more

  • Financial Participations

    Real Estate Upgrade projects with high profit potential may be financed by Indoor Architecture, together with consortium partners in the way of equity financing, in cases of project-financing by the seller or potential buyer alone cannot be realized... >>more

  • Subsidies Management

    Sometimes the realization or rescue of architectural valuable projects are only possible with financial intergration of any useable subsidies funds. Indoor Architecture's consultants can provide the entire management of all subsidies funds in these cases, to ensure that these financial resources are available to the project partners on time... >>more

  • ArtConsulting

    The use of artworks as design elements in or on buildings open up unique opportunities for image control. For many of us fine arts (painting and sculpture) has become an important communication tool. The qualities of originality, innovation and modernity of contemporary art can easily be combined with a client's image... >>more

  • Gardening & Water Architecture

    Transport yourself into another world - just by stepping outside your door. What makes a garden an extension of our home - a sanctuary to relax and reflect upon our day, to eat and have a party with our friends and family ? Is it a question of function, of comfort, of creating a space that represents our lifestyle, design choices and own personal taste ? Or is it simply just about being outdoors - catching the breeze, watching the sun set, listening to the evening quiet and letting nature soothe our souls ? We believe it are all these things. Indoor Architecture is about to create rooms - both inside and outside - that inspire and make you want to be just there... >>more

  • Eco Friendly Interior Design

    For the love to our children a responsible use of their future resources becomes a commonplace. Our ecological footprint is largely determined by the design of our homes and gardens. Due to the intelligent use of modern technologies, we fulfill this responsibility without any actual restrictions... >>more

  • Architectural Lighting Design

    Architectural Lighting is a science and an art. Light has an amazing potential on human comfort, productivity and quality of life. Residential and retail applications rely heavily on theatrical techniques... >>more

  • Safe Home

    Combine your security and your quality of life to excellent interior design without compromise. The interior design consultants of INDOOR Architecture will still meet all needs of your saftey AND your lifestyle... >>more

  • Senior Living Interior Design

    Your independent senior living at home. Sometimes, even simple upgrades to an optimized "Senior Living" Interior Design can achieve a significant new quality of life... >>more

  • Project Management

    The work in progress and the order fulfillment of the appointed project partners and craftsmen are reviewed continuously by Indoor Architecture, based on the issued plans and samples. Well done services will be accepted and paid. In the course of Indoor´s quality control and final inspection not appropriate or damaged parts are reclaimed and replaced... >>more

  • Statement Kitchen Interior Design

    Design and delivery of individual premium kitchens for private clients and restaurants. As independent kitchen designers, we can avoid it for the benefit of our clients to overload the room with cabinets... >>more

  • Statement Bathroom Interior Design

    Design and delivery of individual top interior design bathrooms for your home... >>more


  • Prime Property Scouting & Rating

    You are interested in undervalued properties ? In a sleeping beauty, that can be brought to the top, with limited costs and efforts? You need a new residence for your familiy or your business. In this case the prime property scouts of INDOOR Architecture are the right partners... >>more

  • Design Management

    Interior Design decisions are more than the subjective pleasure of a single decision maker, they are a professional usable instrument in the real estate market with high potentials and very specific characteristics... >>more

  • Real Estate Property Upgrade

    Increase the sale value and the current profit of properties, by its unique status in the market... >>more

  • Residential Interior Design

    Interior Design we describe as beautiful, evokes aspects of happiness. But what is the secret ? What is it, that really appeals to us. Why are we vulnerable, so inconveniently vulnerable, to what the home we inhabit is saying about us ?... >>more

  • Restaurant & Club Interior Design

    A great interior design and a consistent design concept of the ambience are able to enhance the quality impression of the kitchen. This is an important contribution to the path that gives a restaurant that mysterious X factor, that makes it so truly memorable that your guests will enjoy this experience again and again... >>more

  • Hotel & Resort Interior Design

    Nothing conveys more impressive the welcoming atmosphere and the high standards of a house as the design of the offered facilities... >>more

  • Shop Design & Product Presentation

    Strolling down the shopping boulevards everyone has experienced stumbling across a shop and being captured by its magical allure. The art of the discovery is not just down to the seductive power of prettily arranged items, which you had your eye on for a long time. No, the magic emerges from the entire store... >>more

  • Glas Architecture & Wintergarden

    Homes with integrated gardens and light extend the good times of your life... >>more

  • Office & Agency Interior Design

    Customers and employees may judge you first by the environment in which you present yourself. The interior design of agencies, offices and medical practices serves not only the obvious improvement of efficiency, but especially the professional reputation, as basis of all future successes... >>more

  • Wellness & Spa Interior Design

    The experts of INDOOR Architecture are creating water-oases that invite you to relax, immerse and dream... >>more


  • Property Investment Services

    INDOOR is offering a range of expert property services specifically for property investors, owners and developers. Our areas of expertise are focused on the investment in and ownership of real property assets and include property investment advisory services, investment property for sale and acquisition services, asset upgrade management. >>more

  • Property Investment Compass

    Property has historically proved to be a good investment, it has provided wise investors with a handsome return, and many of the World's wealthiest people have made their fortunes in property. Although the past few years have shown a decline in property values, the underlying historic trends would suggest that this is a temporary blip, and that the long term trend is for rising property values. Property is solid and substantial, and less subject to rapid market fluctuations such as the stock market, where a crash can seriously impact or even wipe out the value of an investment. Property values do fluctuate, but the value of the land on which it is built is a tangible asset. >>more

  • Property Investment Knowledge Services

    "Property Knowledge Zone", our resource area developed specifically for property investors, developers, wealth managers; finance and investment professionals. Our "Knowledge Zone" brings together a comprehensive series of useful articles and guides written specifically for the property investment community. >>more

  • Market Intelligence & Property Research

    Our investment specialists draw not only on their own experience, market knowledge and commercial acumen, but also on the “collective” intelligence of INDOOR Architectures Partner Network. Our clients benefit from this property intelligence based approach which brings together information from our extensive property network, internal and third party market research, transaction analysis and advanced profiling to maximise returns based on client growth objectives and specific risk preferences. >>more

  • Buy to let Property Investment

    The buy-to-let property sector has always proved a popular proposition for many investors wanting to create or build on their existing property portfolio, and this trend does not appear to be coming to an end any time soon. >>more

  • Commercial Property Investment

    Commercial property is very much bang on trend when it comes to property investment. It provides good, solid and reliable returns and is perfect for investors who are prepared to work hard to get what they want. >>more

  • Increasing the Value of Buy to Let Residential Property

    Increasing the value of residential property surely has to be the top priority, not just for investors, but also for home owners. From a buy-to-let investor's point of view, wishing to eventually let your property out to tenants, it is important to research your target and to really get to understand what your potential tenants will be looking for when they choose their ideal rental property. >>more

  • Buying Retail Property & Shops

    Investing in property does not stop at residential buildings.Investment of this nature also encompasses other types of property, including shops or retail property, which just happens to be a class of investment that more and more investors are looking at. >>more

  • UK Holiday Homes as Investment Properties

    If you have ever rented a beautiful country farmhouse, or stayed in a charming fisherman’s cottage that just oozes character and heritage, no doubt you will have fallen in love with the place and started asking yourself whether you could one day pluck up the courage to invest in such a desirable property yourself. It has happened to us all. >>more

  • Overseas Property Investment

    With more than three quarters of a million Brits now owning an overseas home, it is pretty obvious that investing in overseas property has a certain lure – not to mention the potential for significant financial rewards. >>more

  • Buying Property in Italy

    Italy tends to be the favoured holiday destination for many of us and it is not hard to see why. It has beautiful weather, cultured and cosmopolitan cities where fashion and the arts are high on the agenda.. >>more

  • Buying Property in Portugal

    Portugal offers what everyone craves: sun, sea, sand, glorious weather, mountainous backdrops, good food and drink and a relaxed and cultured atmosphere that allows people to unwind.>>more

  • Buying Property in Spain

    Before the global recession hit, property prices in Spain were increasing at a rapid rate as demand far outweighed supply, but now real estate prices have tumbled, which has led to many investors showing more interest and looking to find that property investment “bargain”.. >>more

  • Buying Property in Turkey

    Property prices in Turkey, again in comparison to other European countries, are currently reasonable to say the least. Because of this, it may come as no surprise to learn that the property market in Turkey is gathering momentum pretty quickly, so if you want value for money with the promise of adding value further down the line, now could be your time to buy.>>more

  • Finance:

  • Property Development Finance

    When it comes to property development finance for either commercial or residential projects, you will find that there aren't set interest rates like there are for other more conventional property loans and mortgages. . >>more

  • Parry’s Valuation and Investment Tables for Property Investment Appraisals

    Analysing projects in this way allows investors to identify factors that need to be taken into account in any proposed investment project. Historic project analysis of this nature will also help to reveal what worked well and what did not, and these lessons can be incorporated in to any future plans. Looking at dates, timings and values using these valuation and investment tables, you should also be able to determine the best scenarios for maximum profitability. >>more

  • Valuation & Investment Calculators

    INDOOR Architecture has created a number of free online property investment calculators to assist with the preparation of property valuations and investment appraisals by property investors and developers. . >>more

  • Bridging Loans & Short Term Finance

    Bridging loans are especially suitable for investors and property developers who find the flexibility of this form of short term finance fits well with their financial situation at different periods throughout the year. These are vital for property developers who are all too aware that bridging loans can help with each scenario so that they do not lose money in the long term by missing out on a property acquisition, delaying a property's completion or having to postpone a new build or refurbishment. >>more


interior design

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INDOOR Architecture Prize International Interior Design Contests

INDOOR hosts this International Interior Design Competition to reward outstanding interior design and encourage new ideas, techniques and materials in the design and furnishing of interior space. The International INDOOR Prize is a biannial interior design competition open to young designers, craftsmen and artists, with rare or traditional abilities or unusual new production techniques. The winner can look forward to the deserved international recognition and a cash prize of 20.000 €... >>more


The Indoor Mission

In the wasteland of run-down rooms, our optimism and sense of purpose are liable to drain away, like water from a punctured container. We may start to forget that we ever had ambitions or reasons to feel spirited and hopeful.

We depend on our surroundings obliquely to embody the moods and ideas we respect and then to remind us of them. We look to our buildings to hold us, like a kind of psychological mould, to a helpful vision of ourselves.
We arrange around us material forms which communicate to us what we need - but are at constant risk of forgetting we need within. We turn to wallpaper, benches, paintings and streets to staunch the disappearance of our true selves.
Our jobs make relentless calls on a narrow band of our faculties, reducing our chances of achieving rounded personalities and leaving us to suspect, that much of who we are or could be has gone unexplored. Our innate imbalances are further aggravated by practical demands.
We need a refuge to shore up our states of mind, because so much of the world is opposed to our allegiances. INDOOR Architecture creates rooms: to compensate this vulnerability in the psychological sense as much as in the physical... >> more

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    Paul & Abigail Stryker, United Kingdom
    The interior design looks terrific. Thank you for all your hard work and patience. Their prices are fair, their workman are of the best quality and their main and only concern it to make you "happy". In my opinion, one could not have a more exciting experience working with INDOOR Architecture. Read more >>
    United Kingdom email

    Florence Porter, President, Porter Real Estate Advisors
    It is my pleasure to recommend INDOOR Architecture with high accolades! My name is Florence Porter and I am a residential real estate agent specializing in properties in South Wales. INDOOR has been an incredible resource for my business and for my clients!" Read more >>
    United Kingdom

    Bob and Susan Radenkovic
    "Our remodel project consisted of a complete renovation of our entire house. Wow! It was quite extensive and changed our home from a very dated 1970's look to a light and bright soft-contemporary home that we love. It was clear that INDOOR had many years of design experience, which is critical in a designer. This is what you're paying for... certainly not trial and error." Read more >>

more >>

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British, Victorian, Commonwealth, Interior Design, Expert
Postmodern Interior Design and Lifestyle by Experts of INDOOR Architecture
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The International Interior Design Contest Prize sponsored by INDOOR Architecture
Real Estate Property Scouting and rating agency by Indoor Architecture
Indoor Architecture, Real Estate Property Upgrade, Buy, Finance, Value, Profit, Experts


Italian Pietra Dura

A Pair of Italian Pietra Dura wall plates

122cm x 95 cm,Italy, 17./ century, The floral decoration in different colored marble. placed on black slate base, in the blackgrounded ornamental border ochre yellow framed rectangular fields with rosé-aubergine dotted marble, in betweensquare-fields with geometric ornament edges in lapis lazuli.

Designmanagement, Interior Design, Expert, Consulting
Private Interior Design and Lifestyle by Experts of INDOOR Architecture
Kitchen, Interior Design Expert
Bathroom, Spa, Water, Architecture, Interior Design, Expert, Product, Consulting
Restaurant, Club, Cuisine, Gastro, Interior Design, Experts
Landscape, Design, Gardening, Watergarden, Architecture, indoor, experts
Indoor Conservatory, Wintergarden, Glas Architecture Experts
kick off, audit, start, working, success warranty, budget
Shop-Design, Fair Architecture, Event Location Design, Interior Design by INDOOR Architecture
Hotel, turism, resort, luxury, club, interior design, architecture, expert, consulting
Safe, Security, Home, Interior Design, Expert
Indoor Architecture, Senior Living, Secure at Home, Interior Design
International Interior Design Forum
Tele Interior Design Remote eDesign by INDOOR Architecture
Indoor Interior Design Mission
Real Estate, Property, Buy, Investment, Share, Profit, Expert, Indoor
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