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If it’s the creative energy of a design studio, the challenge of realizing projects all over the world and the opportunity to work with the best creative minds in the business, then INDOOR Architecture wants you.

We are a firm of outstanding individuals whose fluency in the language of design and innovation is matched by the practical, real-world experience necessary to transform ideas into icons, which work both aesthetically and commercially.

INDOOR Architecture provides award-winning design solutions, mainly in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The firm is also strengthened by several affiliate companies an strategic alliances offering real estate and special experiences, with different cultural background.

We're looking for talented people who want to use design to create environments that improve lives. Embedded in INDOOR's culture is a spirit of invention, a drive to innovate in ways that are sensitive to the environment and the human condition.
Whether you’re a seasoned professional or recent graduate, you’ll enjoy numerous opportunities for professional development, as well as competitive compensation and excellent benefits.

Our leadership is predicated on the success and development of our talented staff.

In other words: when you succeed, so do we.


Interested candidates can apply here or apply to a specific job opening listed below:


Director of Interiors , Hamburg/North Germany

The Director of Interiors will oversee the interiors practice for our new North German Region business unit. He/She will collaborate with IA-Wiener Werkstaette and all global IA Partners and other IA Practice Leaders.

The Director of Interiors will be responsible for supervising all interior design staff located in the Hamburg office and will report to the Managing Director in Vienna.

Position Summary:

The Director of Interiors will be responsible for assessing present and future needs, trends, and profit opportunities for the interiors practice and will provide overall vision and leadership for the development of IA. He/she will create a visible presence for IA in Hamburg and the North German region.


General Competencies:

> Must demonstrate that he/she possesses the managerial capability to mentor, lead, and/or direct personnel to insure quality and high productivity.

> Licensed to practice interior design

> Demonstrated ability to sell ideas both externally and internally

> Demonstrated ability to execute projects profitably and in time

> Demonstrated ability to run a profitable business or service line

> Experience in supervising consultants

Work Experience:

At least 15 years of experience inside a design firm (or comparable, related industry experience), at least 3 of which have been at the office or practice management level.


Degree in interior design or related field


Interior Designer

INDOOR Architecture has an opportunity for an Interior Designer in their Viennese Office.

We are seeking an individual with passion for design and architecture. Candidate must possess strong free-hand, technical, multi-media graphic skills, and proficiency in CAD.

Working under the direct supervision of a senior indoor architect, this position will research, plan, design and administer projects. Consult with clients for functional and spatial requirements. Prep design, specs, document preparation, color/material selections, furniture and furnishings selection, and documentation. est. costs and implementation time. Plan project layout and integrate engineering. Elements into design. Prep scale drawings and contract documents, use design software and equipment for project design and plans.


Representative for "Paradise Shell" - London Area, South England

Position Summary


We are always interested to strengthen our task-forces according to our design-portfolio by following additional affiliate and special experiences :

> Mediterranean Interior Design

> Classic Japanese Interior Design & Craftmanship

> Conservation & Restauration, antique furnitures

> Light-Design

> Set-Designer for Film & Theatre

> Clavee-Painting


If you do not find a position matching your qualifications and experience please send your Candidate Profil. You will be contacted directly by a recruiter should your qualifications and experience match those of an open position.

Thank you for your interest in opportunities with Indoor Architecture.


No phone calls or agencies please.

You are also very welcome to participate on our regular International Interior Architecture Contest. The winners of these contest are always our top-rated candidates for open job opportunities and associations.


INDOOR, Architecture, Interior Design, worldwide, global, award-winning, expert, consulting
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indoor, architecture, interior design, expert, consulting, award-winning, worldwide, service
The International Interior Design Contest Prize sponsored by INDOOR Architecture

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